Attorney at Law

Municipal Legal Counsel

Experience in Every Facet of Municipal Governance


Jason, the current town supervisor of Dryden, NY, is personally and professionally committed to great local government - both as an attorney and as a community leader.  As your town’s municipal attorney, Jason will support your town to think big while acting local. He is passionate about local government, and will support your town’s unique challenges with creative thinking and experience. As a dedicated public servant, Jason’s mission is to provide advice and legal expertise to your municipality so that you have the freedom to pursue the agenda you were elected for. With over 10 years of experience in municipal management, it is second nature for Jason to handle the day to day necessities alongside large, bold projects that will determine your town’s future.

Having worked on both sides of the attorney-municipality relationship, Jason understands how important it is for your town to stick within budget constraints when paying for an attorney’s services. He’s committed to completing tasks in a timely manner, while still ensuring high quality services. 

Jason's dual experience will be invaluable to your municipality. He has over 10 years of experience on the Town Board of Dryden, and was subsequently elected to Town Supervisor in 2015. On top of this municipal governing experience, Jason is a practicing attorney with over 15 years of direct experience. 

Legal Support, Not Political Opinion

Jason understands that the role of a town's attorney is to support the government to accomplish its goals and offer legal advice. Although he is comfortable with heated political environments, Jason is committed to offering the best legal advice, regardless of personal politics. 

Many municipalities hire local attorneys to advise localities. However, in the long run, it might not be in your town's best interest to hire a local community member to offer legal advise. Jason has seen firsthand how local politics and competing interests can negatively affect relationships between local attorneys and the town who hired them, ultimately to the detriment of the community at large. Jason’s extensive knowledge about the challenges affecting Central and Western New York will come to you directly, free of complicated local political context.